Financial Wellness Program for Employees

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, defines financial well-being as:

“A state of being wherein you have control over day-to-day, month-to-month finances; have the capacity to absorb a financial shock; are on track to meet your financial goals; and have the financial freedom to make the choices that allow you to enjoy life.”

This online financial wellness program is designed to help your employees address the root cause of their financial struggles so they can better align their financial choices with their purpose and most important life goals.

  • I speak with your employees not to your employees. I encourage employees to take ownership of their financial lives and empower them to make lasting changes to their behaviors when managing their money.
  • When employees win financially, so does your bottom line. Upon completing the program, employees leave with clear financial goals and report lower levels of money-related stress, increases in savings, and being optimistic about their financial future. This sense of financial wellness has been linked to improved productivity, reduced distractions, increased engagement, and enhanced organizational commitment.
  • The personal touch. Every employee has a unique past, present and future money story. I offer one-to-one financial coaching as an option for program participants so they can get individual attention to help them thrive in their financial lives.

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