Prosper with Purpose!

As I started my deep relationship with God years ago, the one scripture that always came to my remembrance and strengthened me was Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.

God has already given us the tools to be prosperous with our purpose.  It is part of our inheritance as a child of God. Prosperity is all-encompassing, that includes financial, physical and spiritual wellbeing.  It comprises every aspect of your life – your family, career, health, and other relationships to be blessed so you can enjoy the blessings of God and have a life that is fulfilling.

Why prosper with purpose

Every human has the God given ability to succeed by following your unique purpose. It is about incorporating your purpose into all the other aspects of your life that you value, such as relationships, travel, home, health, adventure, charity, and work. Chase your purpose not wealth.  Wisdom creates wealth. With over 2000 scriptures on prosperity and finance, it is clear that God wants His children to prosper.  We all are here on this earth for a purpose.  

People with a prosperity/abundant mindset focus their attention, time and resources on what inspires them. They are purposeful or intentional about the use and application of their wealth to things and experiences that matter to them. They make goals and build plans that align with their purpose.

It is your free will

Abundance is already available to us and it is a free choice to accept it and operate with the belief system that supports abundance and the determination to keep at it. You need to choose it and visualize it.

Be flexible and focused

The best intentions and goals sometimes don’t work out like you expect. Life happens. External events, like recessions or job losses change the course of your life or business. Internally you change too. As you grow, what and why you want things change and your goals need to adjust to fit your new self. You need to operate from a flexible and prosperous mindset keeping yourself focused on the big picture.

Align actions with declaration

Once you define what is your personal declaration statement (your purpose), you need to align it with action. Once you are in action, you are bringing your dream into reality. What you sow you will reap.

What can you do today ?

Here is one thing you can do today to begin your journey on God’s plan of enriching your life with health, wealth and prosperity. First, you need to free yourself from the power of fear in your life. Fear and shame work hand in hand to sabotage people from enjoying the abundant life you were created for. Fear begins with a suggestion, a simple doubt. It suggests that God is not present therefore you are on your own. It also suggests not to waste your time calling out to God, He is not listening, or He is unconcerned about your journey, your purpose and your condition. If you doubt God’s care over your life, you will be a victim, to prevailing circumstances all around you. That is a poverty mentality and reduces you to a statistic, a helpless and hopeless stranger.

Take a moment and repeat these affirmations to break the power of fear in your life:

I am a child of God.

I am called to live with purpose!

I am supplied with resources that have no limits and no ceilings. God’s provision for my vision is more than adequate, in fact it is abundant and overflowing and I commit myself to living in the fullness of His eternal riches.

It is your right and in fact your responsibility to be prosperous with a purpose of being a blessing. A blessing is not for possessing. Blessings by their very nature are to be shared and passed along to others. But before I can pass a blessing on, I must first be blessed, in order, to be a blessing. Make it your aim today to first develop an abundant, prosperous mindset and not of scarcity. Fill your mind with things that are of good report, things that are virtuous and lovely, things that are attracted to wealth and things that supernaturally attract wealth to you! (Phil 4:8). Renew your mind, read books, learn from mentors with mental acuity and with a fertile heart. For you have been remarkably and wondrously made (Ps 139:14) for this very hour and for your God given purpose.

Margaret Mekaat

Margaret Mekaat

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