How to find your Purpose to live a Life of Abundance

Have you felt a void inside of you and felt there is so much more that I should do or want to do and yet I don’t have clarity on what that really is ?

What if I told you there is a way which you haven’t as yet considered and put into action ? The way is to find your purpose. By finding what is your purpose you can move towards living the life you were meant to live. 

Ask yourself one question – what is the problem that I can solve in this world. What is it that I can do that comes naturally to me ? You see, we all are designed and created with unique gifts and talents and we all have a purpose to accomplish here on earth. We already have an abundance of wealth inside of us and when that comes out of us it brings riches into our lives.

Riches are the tangible things that are seen in the form of houses, cars, things etc. So our job is to use the wealth that is inside of us to create an impact on other peoples lives. Prosperity comes naturally to us when we follow our calling.

What are the blocks that stop us from living an abundant life ?

People operate either from an abundant or scarcity mindset.  A scarcity mindset always sees the need to take something away from someone as it feels there isn’t enough for everyone.  It makes the person think I cannot do that.  An abundant minded person operates from the mindset that there is more than enough for everyone at anytime. So they say – How can I do that ? How can I achieve that ? How can I address that problem ? Because in their minds there is always plenty and that opens the door to solutions, ideas, insights that make an impact on others. 

Have you considered what is your God given purpose ? What is your Why? What are those things that only you do so well that people recognize you for. Maybe it’s a talent, a hobby, your ability to listen, your method to resolve an issue, your innovative processes.  What can you say you find a sense of ease to do and do it repeatedly which gives you joy in doing ?

Sometimes we tend to discredit ourselves and ignore those remarks as we feel surely this isn’t something big and impactful.  By checking with our close friends and family we could get great and valuable insight and feedback that would be a way forward to finding your purpose.

So why is purpose so very important ?

Without a purpose you really don’t have anything to live for. Your financial success is in your DNA. Only when you find your real purpose and begin to focus on your talents or gifts will your life change and you will stop operating from a scarcity mindset. You will now be in a position to have total clarity on how to set life changing goals in line with your purpose. 

You don’t need to work hard but work smart.  Enjoy your work and find real satisfaction by operating in your purpose.  We have heard of success stories of ordinary people who built million-dollar businesses just by putting their skills and talents to work.  All these people had one thing in common they only used their gifts to make other people happy, or solve a problem and the path to financial success opened up to them.  They found something to do in life that came easy and giving to others what they love to do.  Now when they work the results of their work will give them a positive not a negative outlook on life.

Reach your full financial potential

Reaching your full financial potential starts with examining how you believe money works and what it means to you. What purpose does money serve in your life? Sure, it allows you to buy things, but think deeper than that. What does money truly enable you to do? Perhaps it allows you to create family memories by taking vacations, position your child for greater opportunities by sending them to college, help others through charities, or secures your future when you save into your investment account. These are the things that lay the foundation for your “why” behind money. They are the values that money helps you fulfill.

Consider your financial actions at this moment in time – do they support your most important values? Is it important to you that they do? These questions are the building blocks of your personal belief. It will dictate how you’re going to approach your financial life. Are you going to do so in a way that nurtures continued success, or that leaves a high probability of failure? Are you going to survive or thrive?

Your health matters

What would your tombstone say if you were to die tomorrow? Have you truly made an impact and lived out your calling to the fullest and left a legacy? More than often we tend to relate health with our outside physical appearance and our looks.  A healthy mind and body drives you towards your vision and help you succeed. 

By exercising not just to loose weight but to really take care of your body, as if, it were not your own but a vessel to be used for a greater purpose, helps you to be more responsible and cautious. Believe me you are here to make a difference and by taking care of your body allows you to fulfill your calling

By meditating on positive affirmations and scriptures we connect spiritually and strengthen our mind and be mindful and operate with an abundance mindset.

Time is precious

It is greatly important that our time is spent valuably on serving others through our purpose rather than on anything else. Once you know your purpose you will realize the value of your time. You will be appreciated for your time and people will pay you handsomely for your time.

To really put your time to good use would require you to develop good habits and get rid of some bad ones.  Rather than sitting for long hours and watching Netflix, reading a good book on personal  finance would have a positive impact on your mind and your money. 

Setting up financial goals which are time bound enables you to work towards them with a specific plan of action and help you achieve them with that timeline.  Your time is of great value and its only when you use your time wisely can you make an impact and accomplish your God given purpose and live an abundant life.

So, my question to you is – have you discovered your purpose, your God given talent? Do share what is it that you are doing that is making a difference in other peoples lives and rewarding you financially.  Remember, you are unique and what you bring to the table matters!

Margaret Mekaat

Margaret Mekaat

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