Years ago, I was asked this question by my spiritual mentor.  I was not aware how to be a good steward and also did not know what was ownership and stewardship. When I learned my role and the way I am supposed to handle wealth my relationship with money changed and now financial blessings and abundance were chasing me.


So let me start by defining Stewardship. A steward is a custodian or a manager of the wealth we have and this means God is the owner and he owns it all.   Not just finances but every blessings, time, talents, we are to be stewards of it all. Everything belongs to Him and He trusts us with it.

What happens when we get hold of this and follow it, we are free from all attachments and operate from an abundant balanced mindset. So, whether I am in lack or in plenty I am at rest. I operate from a place on rest and that flows into my actions, my purpose and relationships. I now am mindful of how I spend and manage finances. 

A person who does not understand and operate as a steward is a person who hoards stuff. They collect and save everything, unable to let go. Their homes and lives are increasingly cluttered, often becoming a health hazard. Their relationships begin to break down, destroying their lives.


As stewards, we must give an account of how we handle our Master’s resources. But stewardship must be learned. Consider the following four questions to determine if you are being a good steward of God’s resources.

  • Is my motive for obtaining financial and material prosperity to hoard for myself or serve God’s purposes and mankind ?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to get rich and have material riches. Money is not evil it is the love of money for our own personal hoarding that creates an unhealthy relationship with money. Money goes where money flows. God wants us to have prosperity in every area even finances as money can be a great blessing and it all depends on who we believe owns “our” money—us or God.

  • Am I a good steward with time management? Am I using my time wisely for God’s purposes? Do I spend quality time with God giving Him the best time first thing in the morning?

Time management is an important aspect of leadership, organizing our lives according to priorities. Stewarding time is about organizing our lives according to God’s priorities.

  • Which skills am I developing? Am I learning them to help me serve God better or to satisfy my own ambitions?

Effective leaders are constantly learning. Those who are stewards of their literal talents are constantly equipping themselves to serve God.

  • Am I a good steward with taking care of my own body? Am I helping to extend my life or shorten it?

Good stewardship of our bodies is essentially doing all we can to live long, productive lives, which in turn will give us more time to serve God and others. We need to treat our bodies as vessels used for a greater purpose and so I am mindful of what I eat and how I take care of it.


To be a good steward is a lifelong learning process. We can start by asking these above probing questions. By finding the answers to these question will help us become better stewards and fulfill our purpose so that we don’t chase blessings and riches but they chase us and overtake us as we learn, live and operate as good stewards.

Margaret Mekaat

Margaret Mekaat

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