About Margaret

Over the years, seeing people struggle around their finances and debt has really ignited my passion to help others gain freedom and choice.  I have the privilege to serve in a free legal aid group, giving me the exposure to help people in extreme debt and financial crisis.  This was an eye opener to my husband and me to be more financially disciplined and focused.

If we don’t track our finances, savings get depleted and the question arises, where did all the money go ? I have seen the extreme end of the rope as well where wrong and unhealthy financial decisions have led to disastrous financial crisis. The one step we all need to take is really tracking our finances and directing our money where to go. I believe individuals need help with today’s finances not tomorrows.

My combined professional and personal experience and a passionate commitment to assist others on their path are keys to helping my clients achieve their desired results. My passion is to motivate, educate and inspire you to pursue success and embark on God’s assignment for your life.

I am deeply rooted on biblical principles about managing finances and believe that we are purposed to be good stewards or managers of the resources that God provides and live abundantly.   

As an experienced Dave Ramsey Master Trainer Financial Coach and certified ICF Financial Mindset Coach, I help driven professionals and business owners with Biblical financial principles to meet their financial goals, build wealth and be a generous giver.

I firmly believe that financial freedom is ours.  With a disciplined, abundant mindset we can have a debt-free, stress free, happier and healthier life.  Personalized individual coaching helps to guide you on your journey to financial freedom and wealth building.

My mission is to empower individuals, to be good managers of God’s money, to be a generous giver,  make good money decisions so you and your families can live financially free lives now, in the future and for generations to come.

Building a Trusting Relationship

I believe it is imperative that we have a sound and trusting business relationship. That said, there are some important facts my clients should know about me first.

  • I love to travel, and I love seafood.
  • You will seldom find me cooking, but I do believe I am good at motivating others to come up with their brilliant creations.
  • My wonderful husband is my best friend.
  • I have an interest in reading books and watching comedy dramas.
  • I am super blessed and a proud mama to my daughters – an observant, generous teenager and a talkative, and caring younger one.
  • See, I told you I was human!

I believe you are action oriented and curious to learn. Every Wednesday I send out an email with tips, tools, and resources to help you get your money straight. Join now, it’s FREE