1:1 Personal Coaching


  • One-size-fits-all financial advice
  • Extreme money approaches that don’t allow you to enjoy life
  • Being judged for your money messes

My 1:1 program, provides you with personalized and in-depth guidance through clear, actionable, and high-impact steps designed to completely transform your relationship with your money. We’ll work to uncover the blind spots in your finances, eliminate what isn’t working, and implement a strategy that works.


 2 online 1:1 session per month.

I will be transparent and upright with my feedback to navigate you successfully towards your financial goals.

Effective Strategy

With key Biblical principles I will help you transform your money mindset.

I will partner with you to strategically build your money plan.


I will be your accountability partner to bounce ideas off; a cheerleader to recognise and celebrate your successes.

I will challenge you to be consistent, I will never judge you.

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What My Clients Are Saying


Financial coaching helps you to be able to achieve not only the financial goals that you have much sooner, but also your life goals. Financial coaching helps you to be able to do more of the things in your life, because you have improved your finances.

Improving your finances allows you to have more options, opportunities and choices in your life and I think that is one of the most valuable gifts of financial coaching. Saving money doesn’t have to be just for buying a home or a car, it can also mean freedom from doing something you don’t enjoy, freedom from an unhealthy relationship, the ability to spend more money on improving your health, being able to experience more cultures and travel the world, being able to give your children the life you want to give them, being able to take care of those around you, being able to give back financially to organizations you care about and be a blessing to others.

This is a great question!

Financial advisors help you with managing your wealth (investments, portfolios, retirement accounts, etc) and often making sure you have certain coverages in your life (ex: health or life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness, etc). A financial coach helps you with the everyday managing of your finances, the finer details of the how-to of improving your financial situation, building healthy money habits and they hold you accountable to making these changes.

If you already have a financial advisor, that is wonderful. A financial coach can be a really great compliment to this and also be able to help you save more money, to then in turn, invest more to build your wealth even more rapidly.

When thinking about working with a financial advisor and a financial coach, it’s not an “either or,” they work very well together as both of them combined, help you with all aspects of your financial wealth building.

I want to ask you a couple of questions and points for you to think about if this is what you are thinking.

  • If you knew how to do it, you’d already have done it. Do you know how to get the results that you want?
  • You can piece together information from blogs, Facebook, videos and books, but you won’t get the highest quality of information and strategies until you’re willing to invest in yourself. When you take in free information, you still have to learn how to tweak everything for YOUR specific financial situation, it’s not custom made for you. But when you work with a financial coach, the plan IS custom made for you. That’s when the real change happens.
  • If you have trouble following through with what you already know (such as information you have read on a blog, seen on a video or read in a book), then what you need is someone who is going to hold you accountable and support you in making these changes, which you are currently struggling with.

We will have a Clarity Call to discuss your coaching needs.  At this call we will discuss the investment you will make to get onboard. The price is only relevant if we first determine that my 1:1 coaching program is a good fit for you.